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Vegas Electric was founded in 1987 by Charles George, an electrical contractor from the United States. Earlier that year he had come to Roatan to install a custom-fabricated generator switchgear for a local seafood-processing plant (prior to 1992, there was no utility grid on Roatan, with electrical power provided by individually-owned power-generating systems). A few months after completing this job he returned to design and install the electrical distribution system as well as the generation facility and switchgear for a local supermarket. Recognizing the growing demand for quality electrical work, he remained on Roatan to found Vegas Electric, a full-service contracting firm which provides a variety of electrical construction services.

To keep abreast of innovations in the electrical industry, we maintain an active affiliation with such leading professional and trade organizations as the National Electrical Contractors Association as well as the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Our membership in the National Fire Protection Association provides access to continuing education programs and participation in seminars relating to the development of the National Electrical Code.

Vegas Electric is actively involved in community development projects, and we are recognized as leaders in the development of skilled tradesmen.


For more than twenty years, Vegas Electric has been providing renewable energy products and installation services for the Bay Islands and greater Honduras. Since there are no mandatory codes or standards governing renewable energy installations, it is difficult to assess the qualifications of an individual or firm offering these services. The Vegas Electric staff includes U.S.-trained and licensed electricians and we guarantee that our installations meet or exceed the requirements of the National Electrical Code. In addition, our background in marine DC wiring enables us to provide a superior installation in even the most extreme environmental conditions, such as those encountered on the Bay Islands. In October, 2006, Charles George received his NABCEP Solar PV Installer Certification, becoming the first solar photo-voltaic system installer outside of the U.S. to qualify for this certification.

Our renewable energy projects range from simple DC lighting to stand-alone pumping systems and large residential installations. We also offer system design and component pre-fabrication for those customers wishing to do their own installation. In addition, we have provided consulting services for the distribution system upgrade of a 50kW renewable energy project in the remote seaside community of Xcalak, Mexico.

Dixon's Cove, Roatan, Honduras, C.A.
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